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Representation For Staircase Accidents In Cleveland

Staircase accidents are not uncommon and can lead to injuries ranging from broken bones to traumatic head injuries. Victims of these accidents may grapple with medical bills, lost wages and long-term rehabilitation. A personal injury lawyer can be an invaluable ally to help navigate the complexities of legal proceedings.

Klein & Carney Co., LLC, represents injured parties in Cleveland, Ohio, and beyond. We fight to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve to cover your physical and emotional suffering and financial losses.

Causes Of Staircase Accidents

From apartment buildings and busy malls to hospitals and hotel lobbies, staircases pose significant risks that can go unnoticed until an unfortunate incident occurs. There are many causes of accidents on staircases, each presenting its unique hazard. They include the following but are not limited to:

  • Broken, damaged or missing stair steps can catch unsuspecting people off guard, leading to trips, falls and serious injuries
  • Missing or damaged hand railings can make individuals, especially those with mobility issues or disabilities who rely on them for balance and support, vulnerable to falls and accidents
  • Loose or damaged step grips or carpeting can cause you to lose footing
  • Unmarked wet, slippery or dirty steps and other unmarked hazards like moisture, spills and debris on staircases can create hazardous conditions and pose a significant risk of falls
  • Poorly lit staircases can impair visibility, making it challenging to navigate safely
  • Objects and debris left on the steps, whether inadvertently discarded or negligently left behind, can cause accidents and injuries

Our premises liability attorney can help hold property owners accountable for their negligence and seek justice for those who have suffered injuries due to their failure to maintain safe premises.

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