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Were You Injured In A Crash Caused By A Drunk Driver?

Do not assume your car accident claim or lawsuit will be slam dunk after a drunk driver ran into you in traffic. The other driver’s insurance company or yours — or both — may find excuses not to compensate you fully or on time. Complications stemming from the other driver’s DUI charges may threaten to delay your ability to claim the compensation you need. Meanwhile, your medical bills may grow and your loss of wages may cause difficulties for you and your family.

This is a time when you need qualified legal counsel. The personal injury attorneys at Klein & Carney Co., LLC, work hard to ensure that clients have access to medical care.

Know Your Rights And Your Options For Pursuing The Compensation You Need

It is also important to us for our clients to have clear information about legal processes and options.

For example, you may have a dram shop claim against a commercial establishment such as a bar or restaurant that served alcoholic drinks to the other driver. If the other driver was a minor and obtained alcohol in a private home before the accident, you may have a legitimate claim against the social host, who may be the homeowner or someone at the residence who served drinks to the person who then crashed into your vehicle.

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Are You Bewildered Or Confused About Where To Turn After A Drunk Driver Accident? We Can Help.

A car accident resulting in DUI charges against the other driver requires careful analysis — the sooner, the better. Our attorneys at Klein & Carney Co., LLC, have helped car accident victims claim millions of dollars in compensation.

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