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Pedestrian fatalities in Ohio on the increase

Over the past several years, many cities around the country have launched efforts designed to improve safety for pedestrians. These programs include things like adding or upgrading sidewalks, reducing speed limits on designated streets, adding speed bumps and more. It seems that Ohio may want to consider some efforts like this as the number of people on foot dying in vehicular crashes has been on the rise.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 85 pedestrian fatalities in Ohio in 2013 and 87 in 2014. This modest increase was followed by three more substantial ones first to 116 deaths in 2015 and then to 134 and 142 deaths in 2016 and 2016, respectively. Along with the sheer number of pedestrians being killed every year, foot traffic deaths have represented a greater percentage of overall traffic fatalities in the state. In 2013, pedestrian deaths accounted for 8.6% of all vehicular fatalities but in 2017, they accounted for 12%.

Deadly hazing incident spurs Ohio University decision

Despite the many warnings, injuries and even fatalities surrounding university hazing rituals, it seems that this harmful and juvenile practice continues to be a problem in colleges in Ohio and across the country. The recent death of a fraternity pledge was the catalyst to a decision that some do not agree with, while Ohio University officials believe it is necessary to get the point across that this behavior is intolerable.

Last May, an Ohio University freshman died during an alleged hazing ritual with the Sigma Pi fraternity. According to NBC News, the student asphyxiated when fraternity members reportedly forced him to ingest nitrous oxide. The young man's parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit, and the university expelled Sigma Pi as a result.

Protect kids from backover accidents

Many Ohio parents may worry that their child will get hit by a car if he or she runs into the street. However, they may not consider the possibility that a car might back over their child.

A backover accident occurs when drivers do not see a child and hit him or her as they reverse. According to KidsandCars.org, the latest statistics indicate that 12,000 children incurred injuries after getting backed over by a car in 2015, while 284 children died. Children under the age of five are most likely to get struck by a reversing car. These accidents usually occur because a child is in a car's blind spots. Vehicles may have a blind spot that extends up to 25 feet behind the back of the car. This means that even if children are not directly behind the car, a driver still may not see them.

Which common hospital mistake led to your injury?

Medical malpractice comes in many forms. It can happen because a doctor wrote the wrong prescription or the pharmacist gave you the wrong medication. It happens when a surgeon operates on the wrong location or you get an infection because you didn't get proper care after a procedure. No matter the reason, medical malpractice can result in significant harm to Ohio patients. 

When you go to a hospital, you probably assume that you will get the care you need and the right type of treatment for your illness or injury. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Hospital errors are some of the most common reasons for medical malpractice and patient harm or death. Whether you are post-operative or you may need care in the future, it can be helpful to learn more about these common causes and how they could impact you.

How do you childproof a house?

You may think that your Ohio home is safe for your children and your friends' children. However, your house may not be as childproof as you think. It is important to make sure your home is safe for all of the children who live there, as well as the ones who will visit.

To make sure your home is fully childproof, it is a good idea to walk through each room and look for potential hazards. Parents magazine says you may want to put up a baby gate so small children cannot get into the kitchen by themselves. Additionally, you may want to put latches on your refrigerator and lower cabinets so toddlers cannot open them. Many young children may also be able to reach your counters, so it is a good idea to push appliances like the coffeemaker and the toaster against the wall, with the cords tucked out of reach. It is also a good idea to install a stove guard so toddlers cannot reach the stove knobs and the burners.

What are catastrophic injuries?

It can be easy to sustain serious injuries in an accident, especially in a pedestrian or motor vehicle collision or other major mishap. However, there are differences between serious injuries from which you eventually recover and injuries that are classified as catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries are, in fact, those that may be considered life-threatening. At the law office of Klein & Carney Co., L.P.A., we are prepared to represent the rights of Ohio residents who are suffering from catastrophic injuries, or the family members of those who lost their lives after an accident.

According to FindLaw, catastrophic injuries involve those that would be life-changing or could result in death several months or years later. A catastrophic injury can also be immediately fatal. Such injuries may include the following:

  • A traumatic brain injury after a tool falls on your head from a construction site
  • Internal injuries or significant skin abrasions from a motorcycle accident
  • Third-degree burns from a house fire
  • Blood loss and disfigurement from a dog attack

What can you do to make your home pool safer?

The warm summer weather in Ohio draws many families to the cooling waters of a swimming pool. Having a pool on your residential property can be fun and convenient. However, it also represents a significant responsibility to take steps to keep everyone safe in the vicinity of your pool. This includes your family, your guests and children in your neighborhood. 

The American Red Cross recognizes the potential dangers of home swimming pools. It has put together a list of steps you can take to improve your home pool safety.

What are the financial impacts of a crash?

Ohio residents will likely suffer financial losses if involved in a crash. Unfortunately, these losses live long after the damages of a collision. At Klein & Carney, Co., we help individuals understand the long-lasting financial consequences of a devastating accident and why legal help is a good idea.
The short-term financial costs of a crash are typically the first concern when considering the financial implications. Costs may include repairing damages done to the car, medical expenses, and ambulance fees.
However, more severe crashes often raise overall expenses for a victim. Someone involved in a severe accident may be forced to get a new vehicle while incurring high medical bills and unpaid time off work. 

Can a car crash blind you?

As an Ohio driver, you know you face the risk of becoming involved in an auto accident every time you get behind the wheel. After all, it is a well known fact that far too many drivers nowadays choose to drive while distracted by talking or texting on their cellphones. You probably encounter these drivers every day.

While you recognize your risk at some almost unconscious level, however, you likely seldom think about the catastrophic consequences you could face as the result of an auto accident. For instance, do you realize that you could be permanently blinded?

What dangers does the summer heat bring?

Ohio residents like you know that temperatures can climb to excessive heights during the summer months. But did you know that high temperatures can inadvertently increase your chance of tripping or slipping on paved ground? Today, we at Klein & Carney CO., L.P.A., will discuss exactly how summer heat can contribute to injury via slip and fall incidents.

The first way that heat impacts your chance of slipping is related to water. When it's hot out, you may want to go to pools, lakes, or beaches in order to cool down. While playing in the water is fun, it also presents many risks. It's all too easy for you to slip on a wet deck and fall into a pool, potentially drowning. Wild water like lakes and oceans pose an even greater danger because the water isn't controlled. If the safety measures in place aren't strong enough, you can easily end up under the water.

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