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Three mistakes you should avoid after a motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Feeling the impact and hearing the horrible noise of a car accident happens to thousands of Ohio residents each year. You likely know the typical steps to take after getting into a car accident. But it’s also just as important to learn about common post-accident mistakes people make.

Not seeking medical attention

The sudden shock of car accidents often releases adrenaline throughout your body. Adrenaline can cause your heart to begin beating rapidly. It can also minimize the amount of pain you feel. Considering that, and the fact that injuries often worsen after an automobile accident, you never want to avoid seeking medical attention.

Admitting you’re at fault

After your accident, you’re likely to speak with the other driver. During this time, regardless of whether you believe it’s true, don’t admit to being at fault for the accident. Instead, it’s better to focus on exchanging information with the other driver to move forward with this stressful event. The upcoming investigation phase should accurately show who’s at fault or who shares fault from this accident.

Sharing your accident on social media

You likely have one or several social media accounts. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or others, never share details about your recent car accident. This is a mistake because the other party’s insurance company may be looking at what you post. And they’re looking to build a stronger case against you. These companies look for text and photo details related to your accident that go against what you originally claimed.

The aftermath of an automobile accident can be understandably traumatic. Fortunately, following the tips above can help you avoid making a potentially costly post-accident mistake.