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Some common Ohio truck accident injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Truck Accidents |

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported 3,969 crashes involving large trucks in Ohio in 2022. This category includes semi-trucks, also called 18-wheelers. Accidents involving trucks often result in severe injuries, some of which are more common than others.

Most common large truck accident injuries

The force of a collision can cause head and brain injuries. That’s one reason these types of injuries are common during truck accidents. Concussions, skull fractures, and traumatic brain injuries can affect memory, cognitive ability and mobility.

Spinal cord injuries can also occur due to the impact caused by a large truck. Getting crushed or receiving a blow to the back can hurt the spine. Damage to the spine can result in temporary or permanent paralysis.

Less severe truck accident injuries

Soft tissue injuries are common as well but are generally less severe than spine or head injuries. Soft tissue injuries include injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments. For example, whiplash is a soft tissue injury common following a truck accident. Although these injuries are usually not life-threatening, they are painful and require recovery time.

The high impact of truck accidents can also result in broken bones. Minor fractures to the hands or feet are common. However, fractures are sometimes serious. The more serious broken bone injuries often include the ribs, pelvis or legs.

Internal injuries

Internal injuries to the chest and torso are life-threatening. Severe damage to the lungs, ribs and other internal organs can result in death. These injuries typically involve internal bleeding and require immediate medical attention.

Any part of the body can get injured during a truck accident, but the injuries discussed above are some of the most common. If you’re in a truck accident, consider seeking medical assistance even if you feel fine.