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Case Results

Wrongful Death

$5,750,000 47-year-old mother of two killed after being hit head-on by another vehicle.
$2,800,000 Mother of 5 young children died of cervical cancer which was not diagnosed in timely fashion due to improper interpretation of PAP smear.
$2,365,000 43-year-old pregnant woman died shortly after complications during labor as a result of an hours’ long delay in the physician arriving at the hospital to render any care despite the identification of severe medical issues by nurses.
$1,500,000 Wrongful death of an elderly woman caused by neglect of nursing home staff.
$1,500,000 A 21-year-old woman was struck from behind by a driver who was admittedly playing with her IPOD in the seconds before impact.
$1,500,000 Nursing student killed after being hit by distracted driver on I-480.
$1,315,760 Car accident victim was taken to local emergency room where the attending doctor erred in the manner in which he placed a central venous catheter, resulting in her death.
$1,240,000 Fifty-year-old father and husband killed in an auto accident.
$1,100,000 66 year old cyclist was struck by woman making right turn on red without first coming to a complete stop. Initially, defendant driver claimed she did stop at the light before proceeding. When Klein & Carney expeditiously obtained video from the accident scene demonstrating that she did not stop, defendant fully admitted fault.
$800,000 Steel worker crushed to death by 10,000 pound coil of steel.
$700,000 33-year-old father of 2 traveling on rural country road at night killed in wreck caused by horse that was running loose in road.
$350,000 Death of infant from group beta strep.
Confidential 39-year-old woman killed after drunk driver ran a stop sign and broadsided her vehicle.
Confidential 2-year-old child killed when ceiling collapsed in rental home.
Max. Award 39-year-old woman killed in collision caused by drunk driver. The VOC claim was in addition to the wrongful death claim that was settled for a confidential amount.

Auto/Truck Accidents

$5,000,000 High school senior, a passenger in a friend’s car, paralyzed after driver struck a tree while fleeing from police.
$3,450,000 Toddler sustained permanent brain injury when father lost control of car on the highway and it rolled over.
$650,000 Passenger in SUV sustained elbow, pelvis, and kneecap fractures after the SUV was forced to veer into a ditch.
$410,000 Young man suffered lacerated spleen, broken leg, hip, pelvis, and tailbone in collision caused by dump truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel.
$350,000 Passenger of vehicle underwent surgery for subdural hematoma after being struck by truck.
$300,000 57-year-old woman suffered permanent nerve and bone injuries to face after a collision with an uninsured motorist.
$250,000 Pedestrian sustained fractures to both elbows after being struck by inattentive and reckless teen driver.
$245,000 Passenger on airport shuttle bus thrown forward when unidentified driver crashed red light and shuttle driver slammed on brakes sustained major aggravation of pre-existing neck problems requiring surgery.
$220,000 Broadside collision resulting in aggravation of pre-existing low back problems necessitating surgery.
$205,000 T-bone collision results in aggravation of prior back injury.
$195,000 Rear-end collision resulting in low back herniated disc requiring surgery.
$185,000 Woman sustains concussion, post-concussion syndrome and back injuries after rear-end collision.
$155,000 Rear-end collision results in bilateral rotator cuff tears.
$150,000 Truck driver aggravated pre-existing knee condition after being struck by tow motor on loading dock.
$145,000 Woman rear-ended by taxi cab sustaining various soft tissue injuries as well as post-concussion syndrome.
$115,000 Verdict for woman involved in disputed liability red light/green light auto crash where insurance company’s highest settlement offer prior to trial was $15,000.
$96,250 53-year-old sustained injuries to her head, face, and chest after being hit head-on by a drunk driver.
$95,000 Woman rear-ended in 45 car pileup on freeway sustaining post-concussion syndrome.
$95,000 55 year old woman involved in multiple car highway pile-up during icy conditions sustains aggravation of pre-existing degenerative condition in her neck.
$85,000 28-year-old sustained torn ankle tendon after collision with driver making improper lane change.
$76,500 Police officer sprained shoulder and injured two cervical discs after being rear-ended by a drunk driver.
$75,500 Driver underwent surgery for torn patellar tendon after being broadsided by a tow truck.
$51,000 Driver underwent surgery for arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn medial meniscus caused by rear-end collision.

Injuries Caused By Employer Misconduct

$150,000 Employee sustained partial finger amputation in improperly guarded punch press.
Confidential Employee sustained multiple finger amputations in industrial accident after employer removed safety guard from press in factory.

Motorcycle Accidents

$950,000 Motorcycle driver lost leg from knee down after being broadsided by inattentive driver.
$950,000 Motorcycle driver suffered severe and permanent orthopedic injuries after being struck by vehicle.
$150,000 Motorcycle operator sustains lumbar herniation after crash caused by defect in roadway.
$100,000 Man suffers severely fractured wrist and hand after being hit by a drunk driver and recovers maximum insurance available.
$100,000 Rider suffers fractured leg after being hit by another vehicle and recovers maximum insurance available.

Medical Malpractice

$750,000 56 year old woman was not timely diagnosed with cervical cancer or offered PAP smear screening despite seeing family doctor on over thirty occasions.
$750,000 52 year old black male was diagnosed with an advanced case of prostate cancer after not being properly screened by family physician.
$700,000 Failure to diagnose acute myocardial infarction (heart attack).
$125,000 Despite warnings from paramedic, fire chief administered dangerously high dosage of IV epinephrine to 34 year old man who had suffered a bee sting resulting in injury to spleen.
Confidential Woman suffers permanent paralysis after ER physician and hospital staff failed to diagnose and timely evacuate spinal abscess.
Confidential Pharmacy error in filling prescription resulted in elderly man suffering from seizure and crashing his car.

Nursing Home & Assisted Living Center Neglect

$285,000 An elderly gentleman fractured his neck after falling from wheelchair during transport in the assisted living center’s van as result of staff failing to secure him properly in wheelchair.
$275,000 Woman had to have both legs amputated due to improper care by nurses, aides and other nursing home staff.
$75,000 An elderly woman developed bedsores/pressure ulcers on her coccyx caused by nursing home staff failing to turn and reposition her appropriately.
Confidential 76-year-old man fell and sustained a fractured leg while being assisted from his bed to the bathroom by a single nurse’s aide despite protocol calling for two aides.

Injuries Caused by Defective or Dangerous Conditions on Property

$1,500,000 Diving injury to a guest at a party.
$500,000 While performing his job, a huge chunk of concrete fell from the ceiling of dilapidated parking garage and crushed Plaintiff’s foot which resulted in a below-the-knee amputation. Plaintiff recovered the maximum insurance available in addition to workers’ compensation benefits.
$295,000 Woman slipped and fell on black ice after contractor left leaking hose dripping onto public sidewalk resulting in fractured shoulder and torn rotator cuff.
$250,000 41-year-old woman slipped and fell on ice on sidewalk outside of apartment building, striking her head and sustaining a concussion and the loss of sense of taste and smell (anosmia.) After a 3 day trial, the jury returned what is believed to be the largest reported verdict of its kind in Geauga County history.
$175,000 Restaurant patron slipped and fell on newly mopped floor resulting in fractured arm.
$165,000 Young man sustained partial amputation of 2 fingers on unguarded punch press.
$165,000 Woman walking through a brewery fell off unmarked single step that she had traversed earlier in the evening resulting in hip fracture.
$150,000 High school student sustains concussion and post-concussion syndrome after being pushed by another student on bleachers at high school football game.
$125,000 Man sustained ankle fracture following slip on unnatural accumulation of ice from broken, leaky and defective gutter.
$125,000 Middle aged man suffered a trimalleolar fracture to his ankle after slipping on dangerously slippery and unsafe floor at restaurant.
$125,000 46-year-old sustained fractured femur when he slipped and fell in hotel bathtub without a slip resistant surface.
$117,500 Woman attending wedding fell over dangerous step and sustained ankle fracture.
$105,000 Young woman tripped and fell over broken and uneven sections of concrete driveway in rented home and sustained ankle fracture.
$100,000 74-year-old woman sustained torn rotator cuff after she slipped on floor that had just been mopped.
$97,500 A woman slipped and fell on water in her rented apartment and suffered broken hip requiring surgical repair.
$95,000 Hotel patron slipped and fell in shower that did not have appropriate slip-resistant surface resulting in rib fractures and punctured lung.
$95,000 Elderly woman sustains fractured hip when automatic doors at nursing facility malfunctioned and unexpectedly closed on her, causing her to fall to the ground.
$92,500 44-year-old woman sustained severe upper arm fracture when she tripped and fell over uneven sidewalk at hotel.
$85,000 Store employee sustained torn rotator cuff after tripping over rug that was rolled up by cleaning company.
$85,000 A woman sustained a fractured ankle after she slipped and fell on ice that had accumulated on dangerously steep handicap ramp at gas station/convenience store.
$80,000 Plaintiff fractured her hip after her legs became entangled in plastic band that was used to bind stacks of newspapers which were dropped by the door of a large, chain gas station.
$80,000 A man, his sister and her daughter were hospitalized after suffering from food poisoning which they contracted at a restaurant.
$75,000 Man sustained fractured femur after falling off raised stage area in restaurant.
$67,500 Plaintiff tore ligaments in her knee after she fell on slippery area of marble floor at airport.
$51,000 A woman tore her Achilles tendon after she tripped and fell over overlapping floor mats at convenience store.
Confidential 6-month-old baby received severe burns when babysitter unintentionally bathed her in scalding hot water due to landlord’s negligent failure to maintain plumbing fixtures in good working order.

Dog Bites & Injuries Caused by Animals at Large

$90,000 Man attempting to break up a fight between his dog and another dog bitten on leg resulting in serious puncture wounds and subsequent infections from the bite.
$90,000 Man bitten on leg while trying to break up fight between dogs; wound infection resulted in permanent scarring.
$66,000 Young physician biking on his street when he was chased by neighbor’s dog which caused him to fall from his bike and injure his knee.
$55,000 Child bitten in face by Cane Corso while playing with the dog in the owner’s yard and with the owner’s permission.
$50,000 56-year-old doctor bitten on hand by vicious dog while jogging through park.
Confidential Man attacked and seriously bitten on the face by his neighbor’s dog.

Burn Injuries

Confidential 6-month-old baby received severe burns when babysitter unintentionally bathed her in scalding hot water due to landlord’s negligent failure to maintain plumbing fixtures in good working order.
Confidential 14-month old baby rolled off of bed in metropolitan housing apartment and sustained second and third degree burns to stomach, legs and feet caused by exposed hot water pipe.

Pedestrian Accidents

$250,000 Woman struck by inattentive driver suffered amputation of leg, and obtained the maximum insurance coverage available.
$210,000 Woman suffered fractures to her shoulder, pelvis, ankle and hand when struck by a car while crossing the street outside of a sidewalk.
$180,000 39-year-old woman had surgery to repair fractured tibia after being struck while in crosswalk outside of a Sam’s Club store.
$180,000 37-year-old woman suffered left proximal tibia fracture after being struck by negligent driver while walking in crosswalk at strip center.
$100,000 91 year old woman struck by car backing out of parking space at convenience store, suffering subdural hematoma (brain bleed.)
$60,000 Plaintiff sustained broken shoulder and wrist after getting struck by car while crossing street at night and during a torrential downpour.
$50,000 Pedestrian crossing dark street wearing dark clothing and outside of a cross-walk struck by inattentive driver suffering multiple orthopedic injuries. Case resolved for driver’s policy limit.
Confidential Two women suffered temporary amnesia and orthopedic injuries after being struck by a car while walking in crosswalk.

Bicycle Accidents

$1,100,000 66 year old cyclist was struck by woman making right turn on red without first coming to a complete stop. Initially, defendant driver claimed she did stop at the light before proceeding. When Klein & Carney expeditiously obtained video from the accident scene demonstrating that she did not stop, defendant fully admitted fault.
$66,000 Young physician biking on his street when he was chased by neighbor’s dog which caused him to fall from his bike and injure his knee.
$4,000 Plaintiff struck by SUV recovered $4,000 for damage to custom bicycle.

Victim of Crime Claims

Max. Award 24-year-old man shot while attempting to break up altercation, resulting in paraplegia.

Boating Accidents/Maritime Law

$125,000 Three fishermen injured when inattentive boat operator collided with their anchored boat on Lake Erie.


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