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When A Fall In A Nursing Home Results In A Broken Bone

You no doubt did your research and carefully selected a quality long-term care facility when you placed your loved one in a nursing home. You had every right to expect that caregivers and their supervisors would follow established standards of care. Now you are right to demand answers — and compensation.

We can help after your loved one fell due to:

  • Caregivers did not respond in a timely manner to your loved one’s call for help
  • Caregivers did not transfer him or her properly from bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to other seat or wheelchair to bath
  • Care supervisors ignored doctors’ or other professionals’ recommendations regarding the need for two assistants to do transfers or regarding the elderly or disabled person’s need for a particular protective device or procedure for transfers
  • Nurses or others in charge overmedicated your loved one, resulting in a fall due to mild sedation

Whatever the circumstances, you have the right to know why your loved one fell. You may also need monetary compensation to cover surgery, increased care needs, and pain and suffering.

After you or a loved one has fallen and suffered a bone fracture in an Ohio nursing home, consult with an experienced plaintiff’s attorney to discuss your options. Contact Klein & Carney Co., LLC, by email or call 216-502-3947 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a free consultation.

An elderly person’s fall in a nursing home is sometimes the triggering event for a rapid decline in health ending in death. You are right to question the circumstances of the fall if your loved one’s condition is deteriorating or has passed away after a fall in a long-term care facility.

Turn To An Established Law Firm After A Nursing Home Injury For Information And Help

A fall can be a sign of nursing home abuse or neglect. A claim for compensation can help you and your family cope with the costs and complications following a broken bone from a fall.

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