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Pressure Sores And Wounds In Nursing Homes

If you or your elderly or disabled loved one suffered bedsores in an Ohio nursing home, you should consult with an attorney as well as with doctors. Bedsores, decubitus ulcer or pressure sores — all names for similar ailments — are usually signs of neglect in care homes. The dangers of remaining bedridden without being turned or repositioned regularly are well-known.

When long-term care institutions cut corners by reducing staff or giving improper training to caregivers, an increase in pressure sores is a common outcome. This is why you should discuss the situation with an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer.

You Deserve Answers

If you are like most people concerned about this topic, getting answers is as important as recovering compensation. Your loved one may also incur costs such as medical bills, as well as ongoing pain and suffering. In the worst cases, pressure sores can lead to sepsis and death that could have been prevented through proper monitoring and care.

Assisted living facilities and rehabilitation facilities are also common places where bedsores affect residents.

These sores may be:

  • Stage one: Reddened but not yet broken out — very treatable at this stage
  • State two: Blistered or showing signs of abrasion
  • Stage three: Open, festering wounds through the full thickness of the skin
  • Stage four: Infected, affecting deep tissue as well as skin

The sooner you consult with a lawyer, the better understanding you will have about what to do to protect your loved one and if appropriate, how to seek compensation.

Your loved one may require hospitalization or amputation. If he or she dies as a result of the pressure wounds, your family may be suddenly burdened by funeral and burial costs, along with the grief that a loved one’s suffering brings.

If you file a lawsuit, you may also want to push for changes in protocol at the care facility as part of your petition. Your loved one’s case could end up preventing further such injuries for other residents of the nursing home or care facility.

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