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Choking Incidents In Nursing Homes May Be Cause For Legal Action

Many nursing home and assisted living facility residents must be monitored for breathing issues. Any type of oxygen deprivation, whether from choking on food, a clogged breathing tube or other manner of asphyxiation must be treated as an emergency to protect the health and well-being of the resident. Unfortunately, some choking cases are due to the abuse and/or neglect of an elderly or incapacitated individual. If your loved one has been injured or died due to choking in a nursing home, enlist the assistance of our experienced nursing home neglect lawyers immediately.

At Klein & Carney Co., LLC, in Cleveland, we put our attorneys’ extensive knowledge and more than 71 years of combined experience to work for you in order to take action against a nursing home for choking injuries or any other act of neglect. Our lawyers are committed to holding the negligent parties responsible for the injuries that your loved one has suffered.

Food-Related Choking

Many nursing home residents may require soft foods or other dietary accommodations, as they may have difficulty swallowing or completely chewing their food. The facility’s staff must always be aware of the restrictions each resident has, and take the steps needed in order to prevent choking. If they do not, they could be held liable for injuries suffered.

Choking Due To Medical Devices

Some nursing home residents may be fitted with medical devices that help them to breathe normally. If these devices, such as breathing tubes, become clogged or are otherwise unattended to by the medical staff, the resident may experience respiratory distress and choke.

Intentional Suffocation

In some of the most severe situations, it may be suspected that an employee of the nursing home or assisted living facility purposely choked a resident, either manually or attempted to suffocate them in another manner. These cases not only warrant a lawsuit for injuries or wrongful death, but criminal charges need to be filed against the perpetrator.

We at Klein & Carney Co., LLC, can aggressively pursue compensation for the civil damages, while applying pressure to the prosecutor’s office in order to see that criminal action is taken as well.

We Can Help Determine If Legal Action Makes Sense

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