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When A Defective Drug Or Medical Device Causes Injury Or Death

Manufacturers and venders of drugs and medical devices have a duty of care for customers. In other words, they have a moral and legal obligation to test products before putting them on the market. They should disclose known risks. They should discourage doctors from using drugs for other than their intended purposes. Failure to take such precautions can translate to liability in cases where patients suffer harm through use of defective drugs and medical devices.

Our Cleveland law firm has helped clients recover millions of dollars over the years in compensation for injuries, including injuries and deaths due to defective medications and medical devices. Larry S. Klein and Chris Carney have an abundance of knowledge and advocacy skills to offer people affected by defective drugs and medical devices.

We can evaluate your case to determine whether a harmful outcome was the fault of a doctor who prescribed a medication or the drug’s manufacturer or promoter. If a drug or device was recalled but a health care provider did not share that information with you, we can hold them responsible.

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Well-known defective medical devices and drugs have included those listed below. You may have been injured after delivery or implantation of a lesser known medication or device. Talk to an attorney to learn about your options after you have become ill or lost a loved one through use of any of these or others:

  • A DePuy hip implant
  • Duragesic pain patches
  • Kugel mesh
  • A proton pump inhibitor such as Prilosec, Prevacid, Nexium
  • Yaz
  • Zocor

Your injury claim or lawsuit may bring the financial relief you need after a negative outcome caused by one of these drugs or devices. Your case may also help protect future patients from harm as the manufacturer, your doctor or a hospital must pay compensation because of delivery of a product known to be harmful.

Our Cleveland law firm can bring you relief in one of these ways:

  • Helping you initiate a class action lawsuit
  • Helping you join an existing class action lawsuit
  • Filing an individual claim on your behalf

When A Medication Or Medical Device Has Caused Injury, Contact A Medical Malpractice And Products Liability Firm

Discuss your potential products liability and/or medical malpractice case after you or a loved one suffered serious harm due to a prescription error or defective drug or medical device.

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