We Know How To Maximize What You Recover Following A Truck Accident

Commercial trucks are often large, heavy vehicles that travel at a high rate of speed. In fact, because of the inherent dangers they pose to other motorists, they are governed by a specific and complex set of federal regulations. These regulations are meant to provide other motorists with an added layer of protection from both driver negligence and trucking company negligence.

Many truck accidents are caused by a blatant or inadvertent violation of these federal regulations. Poor maintenance, oversized loads, trucker fatigue and a lack of driver training or experience are just a few examples of violations that can lead to serious and potentially fatal truck accidents.

At Klein & Carney Co., L.P.A., in Cleveland, we handle cases involving catastrophic collisions involving commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. We will do all we can to secure full and fair compensation, including damages for lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, medical expenses and loss of enjoyment of life.

Unfortunately, it is also not uncommon for truck accidents to be caused by a drunk driver or one under the influence of drugs or medications.

The Lawyers You Work With Can Affect How Much You Recover

Truck accident injuries can be devastating and often result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal trauma, back and neck injuries, herniated discs, burns, lacerations, amputation or other catastrophic injuries.

If the insurance company denies fault, we will retain experts to reconstruct the accident to demonstrate its cause by computer generation and through the use of biomechanics. We also frequently visit the scene of the accident to completely evaluate all of the factors that go into the pursuit of a serious truck accident claim.

You should understand that the insurance adjuster, though friendly and congenial, does not have your best interests in mind. In fact, that is part of the philosophy of the insurance industry — to do as much as they can to prevent the injured individual from seeking legal help or to get them to accept a minimal settlement. No matter what the circumstances, please consult with an attorney prior to speaking with or accepting an offer from the insurance company.

Ohio Semi Crash Injury Attorney

In cases of death caused by negligence or malpractice, the Ohio wrongful death law allows for compensation for a variety of damages caused by the death of a loved one. We can help you pursue financial compensation for all elements of your loss.

Our truck accident representation spans all of the Northeastern Ohio roadways, including: I-480, I-90, I-271, I-80, I-77, I-71, Route 8, Route 2, Route 20, Route 6, Route 322, Route 422 and Route 11.

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