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Getting fair compensation after a car crash can take time

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Suffering injuries in a car accident can do a real number on a person and his or her family. Depending on the severity of the car crash, the losses one might experience may be minor, or they may be on the extreme end. If you or a family member have suffered injuries in an automobile collision, you probably think that insurance will take care of you. The truth is, that may not be the case.

What people need to remember is, auto insurance providers are businesses. Their goal is to keep their investors happy. If you or a loved one suffered injury in a car accident in Ohio or elsewhere, know that the initial settlement offer provided by an insurance carrier is likely to be on the low side. Why? Their goal is to get you to walk away with as little as possible.

You can say no

You may think that, if you fail to accept an insurance provider’s offer, you will end up with nothing. That is just not true. You would be well within your rights to demand more for your losses if the initial offer seems inadequate. To do this, you simply need to reject the offer in writing, and, with that letter, you can submit your demands.

After you issue a demand letter, the insurance provider can do one of three things. It can:

  • Accept your demands as outlined in your demand letter
  • Refuse your request
  • Issue a counter offer

If the provider fails to accept your demands, and instead it chooses to refuse or counter, your case does not have to end at this point. You can, with the assistance of counsel, work to negotiate terms you believe are fair.

What if negotiations do not produce desirable results?

For the most part, one can fairly settle a car accident claim through the negotiations process. However, it is possible that negotiations may fail. If that happens in your case, you can take the matter to court. Threatening litigation may be enough to get an insurance provider to change its tune on its settlement offer. If it doesn’t and your case goes to trial, legal counsel will work diligently to help you seek fair and full compensation for your losses.

The physical, financial and psychological damages associated with a car crash can be significant. The want of immediate relief is understandable. However, you should not sell yourself short. Achieving maximum relief may be possible, but it just may take more time than you expected.