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Does workers’ compensation cover workplace violence injuries?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

When a person in Ohio files a workers’ compensation claim, they’re looking for assistance in covering medical expenses or a portion of lost wages due to an injury suffered at work. However, questions can arise as to whether the injury was work-related or if it was the result of some type of workplace violence.

Violence in the workplace

Workplace violence covered by workers’ compensation claims encompasses physical violence, intimidation, harassment and threatening or disruptive behavior. Altercations or arguments among coworkers, whether related to work or not, can escalate into violence. Positions of responsibility, like supervisors and managers, make individuals particularly susceptible to this type of violence.

The spectrum of violence extends to criminal activities like robbery or vandalism. Conflicts and disagreements between employees and customers are not uncommon. In rare instances, disgruntled employees may introduce firearms into the workplace, creating a perilous situation for everyone involved.

Does workers’ comp cover violence?

Law enforcement officials carrying out their duties may become victims of workplace violence. In such cases, workers’ compensation may cover the injuries resulting from the violence. Customers might attack employees due to work-related matters, such as dissatisfaction with a purchased product, leading to potential workers’ compensation claims.

However, domestic violence situations involving an employee’s partner assaulting them on the job might not qualify for workers’ compensation coverage. In active shooter scenarios, a workers’ compensation claim could be valid, provided the shooter was not specifically targeting individuals for personal reasons.

A complicated topic

Regardless of how an injury occurs, getting medical treatment is typically in a person’s best interest. Taking quick action may be able to strengthen their case and increase the chance of a person filing for workers’ compensation to get the assistance they desire.