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Three common misconceptions about supermarket slips and falls

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Injuries, Premises Liability |

Ohio is home to a wide range of businesses, especially grocery stores. While you count on these locations to carry foods and beverages, slipping and falling at a grocery store is an unwanted surprise. The aftermath of this accident can leave anyone wondering what to do next.

The fall location

A common misconception is that falls must happen inside a business for the victim to legally press charges. However, slip-and-fall accidents may also occur outside of a supermarket. Whether spilled liquid or an icy parking lot causes slip and falls, a business is typically liable if an accident happens anywhere on this company’s property.

Severity of injuries

Some people believe you can only pursue legal action after slip-and-fall accidents when their injuries are severe. That said, definitions of severe trauma can and often do vary from person to person. Generally, any injury causing you to take time off work or visit your doctor could be worth suing a supermarket over.

Being a customer isn’t a requirement

It’s understandable to believe you must be a paying customer to sue a supermarket or other business where your slip-and-fall injury occurred. But that’s not the case. Even non-paying customers have the right to pursue legal action against a business where their injury or injuries occurred. That’s because this type of injury focuses on whether or not a business is negligent and not whether or not you were a customer at the time of your injury.

Companies and their employees have considerable responsibilities to follow. One vital responsibility of a business is keeping it safe for employees, customers and others. If a supermarket’s negligence led to you falling, considering the pursuit of legal action might be a worthwhile endeavor.