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Different types of Ohio car crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In 2022, Dayton Daily News reported that Ohio traffic crashes had reached a 20-year high. Traffic fatalities increased from 1,230 in 2020 to 1,360 in 2021. There are different types of car crashes, and several types occurred in Ohio during this time.

Single vehicle car accident

Some car accidents involve only one car. A driver might swerve to miss hitting an animal, another vehicle or debris in the road. Bad weather is also a common cause of accidents that involve only one vehicle.

Multiple vehicle car crash

A car crash that involves three or more vehicles is known as a multiple-vehicle car crash. You might also hear this type of accident referred to as a pileup. In most cases, one car starts a chain reaction that affects several other cars on the road.

Rear-end collision

The rear-end collision is a common type of car accident. It occurs when one driver crashes into another driver from the back. Some causes include following too closely behind another car or speeding. If the driver in front stops suddenly without warning, that can also cause a rear-end collision.

Head-on car crash

A head-on collision is one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. It occurs when two cars crash into each other front first. Any car crash can turn deadly, but head-on crashes are especially dangerous because of speed. If two cars go full speed and crash head-on into each other, the force of the impact can cause tremendous harm.

Broadside car accident

A broadside car accident is when one car hits the side of another car. As of 2023, most cars don’t have side airbags. However, side impact airbags are becoming more common to protect drivers and passengers against broadside accidents.

A car accident can turn deadly, no matter how many cars are involved. If you’re hurt in one of these accidents, you can possibly receive compensation by filing a personal injury claim.