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Responding to a slip-and-fall mishap

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Blog, Premises Liability |

While some accidents prove unavoidable, many are preventable. When the management and staff at an Ohio restaurant mop up spills and repair broken steps, they could be doing much more to prevent slip and fall accidents. Those establishments that do not take the necessary actions to keep patrons and others from suffering a mishap could face legal claims. Knowing how to respond to an incident is also vital.

Dealing with slip-and-fall accidents

Conducting an audit to identify any potential hazards to maintain a safe environment is important. If any issues, such as broken railings or damaged walkways, exist, they should be immediately fixed to prevent any accidents. It’s also vital for management to train their employees on safety measures and mandate immediate cleanups of any spills. Despite these preventive steps, avoiding all accidents may not always be possible.

An appropriate response seems necessary if someone gets hurt in a slip-and-fall accident. One mistake proprietors and their staff make may involve admitting fault. Admissions of fault could harm a civil claim defense. Taking pictures of the slip-and-fall accident scene might be helpful to all parties since the photos may serve as evidence.

Restaurants might have security cameras to record incidents like slip and fall mishaps. As with smartphone photographs, surveillance footage might present vital evidence in civil proceedings.

Civil claims for slip-and-fall accidents

When negligence leads to someone’s harm, the injured party might have a strong civil claim. Not cleaning up a messy floor after dropping food or spilling drinks might be an example of negligence. Victims could sue a restaurant for losses when the owners or third parties are negligent.