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Broken neck recovery after a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Vehicle accidents, even minor crashes, can result in neck injuries. Ohio accident victims who end up with a broken neck will endure pain, weeks of restricted mobility, and usually months of physical therapy. An individual undergoing this level of trauma must focus on self-care. The worry over medical expenses, lost work time, and other details should not become the focus. Here is how to balance recovery and manage the accident details.

Protect your interests

A broken neck is a potentially life-threatening injury. Remain in the hospital as directed and follow all instructions from doctors, surgeons, and therapists. Ask a reliable friend or family member to help collect the police report, gather photo documentation of the accident, and work with the insurance company to begin a claim. Keep a folder for all medical paperwork and receipts related to the accident.

Make accurate calculations

Create a list of expenses related to the accident. Review average out-of-pocket costs for recommended surgeries or therapy. Discuss the long-term medical care needs with all medical professionals involved. Calculate lost wages from missed work. Include other expenses like additional daycare costs or hiring help to perform lawn care and housekeeping that you would not use if uninjured. Any insurance settlements after car accidents should cover these expenses. Refuse any offer that does not meet these needs.

Accept professional help

A neck injury can become disabling if people do not make the right choices during recovery. Most people will have no choice but to accept emergency care, but this is not an injury a patient can get treatment for and walk away. Stay on track by accessing the recommended and available professional care. Use the braces or other devices as directed. Follow medical restrictions and attend all physical therapy sessions. Life may change after a broken neck, so consider seeking counseling for emotional trauma.

A broken neck after a car accident can change every part of life. Accept and follow the advice of medical experts immediately after an accident to ensure a more successful recovery process.