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How to protect your evidence if you slip and fall

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Blog, Premises Liability |

In Ohio and across the United States, protecting evidence regarding a slip and fall injury can make a difference if you plan to file a claim. Contact the owner or general manager and let them know about your accident without taking any blame for what occurred. Complete a written report explaining the reason for your accident if they ask for one. Explain what type of injury you incurred because of your fall.

Contact information from witnesses

Make a list of all witnesses to your accident because people claiming slip and fall injuries should have proof. Obtain the name, phone number and email address of each person who witnessed the event. Ask if they might also provide you with their physical address to ensure that you have ample contact information.

Descriptive photos of the accident

Taking several photos and videos of the premises where the accident occurred and the injuries that you sustained can help prove that negligence was involved. Take pictures of what caused the accident. Try taking photos at different angles. You may also want to take a video showing that negligence was the cause of the accident and of your injury or injuries.

Insurance claims and accidents

An accident may cause you to have an injury resulting in loss of time at work. Speaking to an insurance adjuster offers one aspect of how to file a claim following a slip and fall injury. However, other alternatives may also provide additional money to cover your medical expenses, rent and other bills. Protecting your evidence provides you with tools to file one or more claims. It’s also a good idea to keep any medical documentation regarding your injuries.