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What are the most common sites for slip and fall accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Premises Liability |

Many Ohio residents experience slips and falls that leave them injured. Certain sites are very common for these types of accidents to occur.


Walking outside on sidewalks can be dangerous when there are breaks, cracks and gaps. This makes the ground uneven, which can put a person off balance and cause a slip and fall accident. Many people become injured when sidewalks are in serious disrepair.

Parking lots

Parking lots should be kept in good condition to accommodate everyone and prevent slip and fall accidents. However, they are one of the most common sites for such incidents. This can also happen if the lot has poor lighting and people have trouble seeing where they’re going.


Hotels are a common site for slip and fall accidents. Many people walk through the common areas of these establishments, which means spills can occur and carpeting or rugs can quickly become worn. Outside areas such as poolside can also pose dangers when walking areas become wet and slippery.

Stores and restaurants

Some types of stores, especially supermarkets, are common sites for slip and fall accidents. Restaurants also regularly see these types of accidents occur. This is because spills are more common in these establishments. If staff doesn’t immediately clean up the mess and ensure that the floors are clean, patrons can slip and fall and suffer personal injuries.


It’s common for slip and fall accidents to occur in many different types of workplaces as well. A variety of situations can cause an accident. Wet floors, uneven flooring, worn carpeting, poor lighting, broken stairs or handrails or clutter on the floor can all cause a slip and fall.