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The benefits of traffic roundabouts

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Ohio roads can be dangerous places, especially at intersections. With that in mind, Ohio has joined other states with installing roundabouts as a traffic measure. It is understandable to feel nervous about using a roundabout, but there are several reasons why roundabouts can be beneficial.

Helps keep vehicles efficient

While gas prices are coming down, they are still high. If you need a more fuel-efficient drive, roundabouts can help. Roundabouts do not cause vehicles to constantly stop and go, as they would at traffic lights. By maintaining a consistent speed, roundabouts help drivers use less fuel.

Reduces the severity of collisions

It is common to be seriously injured after a car accident happens. Fortunately, drivers on roundabouts only have to worry about eight potential conflict points with other cars. At a traditional intersection, a vehicle could strike another automobile at one of 32 conflict points.

One study found that roundabouts lower injury and fatality crashes by almost 80%. Not only do roundabouts reduce traffic speed, but it almost impossible for one automobile to T-bone another car. T-bone crashes often cause catastrophic injuries.

Easy to drive on

One of the most common misconceptions about roundabouts is that they are difficult to navigate. However, most of these fears come from drivers who never traveled on a roundabout. The combination of slow traveling speeds and clear signs make these roads easier to navigate than you might think.

With the continued research detailing the safety that roundabouts provide, it might not be long before they start popping up throughout the state.