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What are the most dangerous roads in the Cleveland area?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Cleveland has plenty of traffic, especially during rush hours. Depending on the routes that motorists take, some drivers will have more risk of crashing than others do. Statewide crash records can help the public and those who set policy locate the safest and also riskiest roads.

Safety experts are quick to remind the public that it is driver behavior and not the roads themselves that cause crashes. Still, there are certain places throughout Cleveland where high traffic and other factors combine to put drivers at a significantly elevated risk of a wreck.

If you know where those dangerous roads are, you can potentially avoid them.

Which roads see the highest number of crashes?

According to an analysis of traffic data from between 2013 and 2017, here are the top three most dangerous roads.

  1. The top position for the most dangerous road in the Cleveland area is in Mentor: Mentor Avenue (U.S. 20) between Hopkins Road and Old Johnnycake Ridge. This section of road saw a shocking 229 crashes, five of which lead to serious injury or death.
  2. The second-most dangerous road during the years reviewed was St. Clair Avenue between East 93rd Street and East 115th Street. That stretch of road saw 168 crashes and 12 collisions with serious injuries or deaths.
  3. There was a tie for the third most dangerous road in the Cleveland area. Lorain Road in North Olmstead and West 117th Street in Cleveland between Lorain Avenue and Berea Road both saw 162 crashes during that time and five serious injuries or deaths.

Although crashes can happen anywhere, the path you take can influence how likely you are to end up hurt by other drivers. When you know which roads put you at the greatest risk of a motor vehicle collision, you can bypass risky routes entirely. Taking common-sense steps to minimize your risk of a motor vehicle collision can protect you and the people you love from one of the most common injury risks.