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Some facts about truck crashes

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

No one wants to find their life ruined by becoming involved in a truck accident. However, collisions involving oversized trucks hitting cars and pedestrians happen routinely in Ohio. Many commercial trucks travel the state’s roads, and collisions occur. Sometimes, the crashes end in tragic consequences, and the post-accident investigation might reveal negligence.

2022 and truck crash dangers

Anyone wondering about the risks of truck crashes may wish to review statistics from previous years. Past disasters may provide insights into how significant the risks are and what factors commonly lead to truck crashes.

The figures compiled since 2009 could raise alarms among those worried about their safety. From 2009 to the present, a 52% increase in truck collisions occurred. On average, 130,000 people suffer injuries in truck crashes each year across the United States.

Some of those injuries are likely catastrophic, and injury stats may not reflect the fatalities. And tragically, of the many fatalities, 68% are occupants of vehicles that the truck hits. A review of data from 2017 reveals that 4,102 people died in truck accidents, a 52% increase from 2019.

The consequences of truck crashes

Little suggests that incidents of truck accidents will decrease in 2022 and beyond. Then again, a substantial decline would still mean many people are injured or killed yearly. Distracted, fatigued and intoxicated driving will always be elements that factor into collisions. And don’t expect reckless truck drivers to cease committing moving violations.

Anyone who suffers injuries due to a negligent truck driver could file a lawsuit to recover damages. The same might be true with surviving relatives after a fatal crash. If the negligence of the truck driver, the employer or a third party contributed to the crash, the victims might have a strong case.