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Top causes of car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Driving on the road in Ohio presents a variety of risks and chances of getting in a crash. It is important to be aware of common causes of accidents so you can avoid high-risk situations and practice better defensive driving techniques.

According to the CDC, distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents on the road. Examples of distractions include fiddling with the radio, putting an address into the GPS, reaching in the back to get something, eating, putting on makeup and cell phone use. Although talking on the phone is distracting, texting is the worst because it takes your hands off the wheel, your mind off driving and your eyes off the road.

The issue of driving while using a cell phone is worse in teenagers and young adults, and studies show that teenagers who text while driving are also more likely to practice other risky behavior such as driving without a seatbelt or driving while under the influence.

Business Insider discusses that the most fatal cause of accidents is swerving into the wrong lane, and not yielding the right-of-way is another common cause. Driving drunk leads to more fatal accidents in rural areas, as does speeding. Bad weather can also lead to car accidents, as it can affect visibility and road conditions. The type of weather varies according to geography. Snowy conditions lead to deadly crashes in the Midwest, and fog is the culprit along coastal regions and the South. Strong crosswinds tend to cause more accidents in the Southwest, but sleet is deadlier in other areas.