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What are qualities that make a good safety sign?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Premises Liability |

Keeping pedestrians, visitors and workers safe should be one of your top concerns if you own or manage an Ohio property. One of the ways you can carry out this important responsibility is to mark any hazardous or dangerous areas with appropriate safety signage. Putting up safety signs can warn people that the area they are approaching is not safe to enter. To make sure a safety sign is effective, be on the lookout for several important qualities that a good safety sign should possess.

EHS Safety Advisor explains that safety signs should be easy to read. The words should be large enough that they can be read at a reasonable distance and the sign should convey the proper information without using too many words. Additionally, many signs are not just text, but may also feature a visual graphic to help illustrate the nearby danger. Overall, you want a person to take in everything on the sign at a glance without the need to spend a lot of time reading the sign.

Property owners should also place signs in a careful manner, taking great thought to where people are likely to be so the sign can be read by as many people as possible. Signs should also be located in places where large equipment and tools are not likely to be parked so the signs are not obstructed. At times it may be necessary to move signs around the property if a major construction project causes changes in the property layout.

Be aware that your safety signs may need to conform to OSHA standards. If you are setting up safety signs in a workplace, you need to be certain that the signs or tags you utilize for your facility comply with the standards set down by OSHA regulations. Also, those signs should observe those standards uniformly wherever they are located in the facility.

Be aware that this article is not written to convey any legal advice to the reader. It is only intended to communicate general information about the topic of premises liability.