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Repeat drunk driver kills four, including toddler

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

People who live in Ohio and hear about drunk drivers causing accidents have good reason to be upset. The laws governing drinking and driving are very clear and the facts speak for themselves: driving a vehicle after drinking is dangerous. The choice to operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol is a choice and is one that can be avoided if a person is responsible. Any crash that happens due to an impaired driver is one that should be completely avoidable. 

Unfortunately, there are not only many people who still drink and drive but there are many people who make this negligent choice after having previously been arrested and convicted of drunk driving offenses. This irresponsible and selfish choice too often results in tragic outcomes. Today, there are three adults and a baby who are dead because of one repeat drunk driving offender’s choice. 

As reported by the Star Beacon, a 48-year-old man with four prior offenses for operating a vehicle while intoxicated hit a vehicle carrying a baby who was only 22 months old, both of his parents and another adult. All four people were killed due to the trauma and force of the collision.

This unnecessary fatal crash illustrates some people’s refusal to learn and do what is right. It may also expose the need for action to be taken by the families of those involved in these wrecks as clearly the laws designed to prevent initial as well as repeat instances of drunk driving are not able to keep everyone safe.