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Woman killed after jet’s engine blows, sprays shrapnel

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

While accidents are prone to happen in just about any area in life, it does not lessen the shock, sadness and sometimes anger, that results when someone suffers fatal injuries because of another person’s mistake or a product’s malfunction. Whenever unfortunate circumstances occur like this in Ohio, the surviving family members may be left with confusion, mounting bills to pay and lots of unanswered legal questions about who was at fault and should assume responsibility for the deceased person’s injuries. 

A recent accident highlights just how sudden and unexpected an injury can occur that results in the untimely and shocking death of an innocent person. The accident happened on a crowded flight from New York to Dallas when a jet engine failed. The resulting explosion sprayed shrapnel at the plane and a piece hit and shattered one of the windows. A woman who was sitting by the window was partially sucked out of the plane and was pulled back inside by other passengers. While lifesaving efforts were immediately underway, the woman suffered fatal injuries. The jet made an emergency landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Once the plane landed, seven other passengers were treated for minor injuries. An investigation is underway to determine what caused the engine to fail and explode. 

If people have suffered injuries because of an unforeseen accident outside of their control, they may wish to contact an attorney to help them in creating a legal case. A legal expert may be able to provide credible insight and guidance in gathering facts and representing victims as they seek to acquire compensation for injuries and other damages. 

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