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Why older people are more likely to fall

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2018 | Premises Liability |

As an older person living in Ohio, you may notice that you have become more susceptible to falling down, and you may, too, become more likely to suffer a serious injury after a fall as you grow older. Why? Many older people have certain risk factors that make them more likely to fall, and in many cases, environmental factors also play a role. At Klein & Carney Co., LLC, we understand that seniors often suffer extremely debilitating injuries following falls, and we have helped many clients who suffered injuries because of others’ negligence seek recourse.

Per, one in every four Americans over the age of 65 suffers a fall at least once a year. The problem is so prevalent, in fact, that falls are the most common reason older people hurt themselves, die or go to the hospital. Just what is it about aging that makes you more likely to take a tumble?

For starters, most people tend to decrease their level of physical activity as they grow older. If you are among them, you are likely experiencing a decrease in bone density and muscle mass, and you may also start to develop issues related to flexibility and balance. All of these changes can make you more likely to fall and injure yourself. You are also, as an older person, more likely to have to undergo certain surgeries that can place you at risk of a fall, such as a hip replacement procedure. Pain and a decrease in your normal level of mobility may come into play after surgery, increasing your risk of a fall.

You are also more likely to take certain prescription medications, or to experience vision problems, as you age, both of which can enhance your risk of falling. This may prove particularly if certain environmental factors are present. For example, if your vision is especially poor, you may have issues spotting icy sidewalks, cluttered aisles or stairways, or other obstructions blocking your path. More about slip-and-fall injuries is available on our web page.