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What to do after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It’s March and the lion is on the prowl. Based on the current forecast, it appears likely that any March lamb is going to be sharing time with April showers. All of northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, is under a winter weather advisory with anywhere up to eight inches of snow predicted. Conditions on many roads are already hazardous and accident reports are rolling in.

One of note happened early Thursday. Officials say a tractor-trailer headed west on Interstate 90 jackknifed around 2 a.m. No other vehicles were involved, but the truck’s driver had to be hospitalized. The crash also forced the closure of all westbound lanes in the area for several hours.

Would you know what to do after an accident?

No one else was hurt in the crash. However, it does raise a question for other drivers on the road. Do you know what to do after a collision with a truck, especially if you are a victim of driver’s negligence?

Chances are good that you received some instruction on what you need to do after an accident when you first got your license. That doesn’t mean you remember it. And in the shock after a crash, it is even harder to recall the fundamentals. They include:

  • Collecting complete contact information on all involved drivers and witnesses
  • Recording driver’s license numbers, including dates of expiration
  • Documenting insurance information including the company and policy number
  • Documenting the name and contact information of the trucking company
  • Recording weather and road conditions
  • Listing injuries and property damage suffered
  • Taking pictures of the damage and the accident scene

If seeking compensation for injuries, it’s also important to pay attention to any statute of limitations. If you fail to act before that window closes, you typically forfeit the right to pursue your claim.