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Ohio truck wheels and parts can cause catastrophic accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Most people in Ohio focus on semis’ sheer size and weight as the main culprits in catastrophic mishaps. It is also possible for wheels and related parts to suddenly come off trucks, causing severe accidents.

Flying wheel accidents can be deadly

Truck wheels often weigh more than 100 pounds. When they come off a semi, especially at high speeds, they become a deadly projectile, hitting other vehicles, bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians, or road workers. Truck accidents involving tires and wheel fragments can cause instant death or life-changing injuries as these incidents are impossible to avoid.

A thorough investigation of the accident as soon as possible after it occurs is essential to determine its cause. The vehicle and its parts should be preserved without repairs and photographed to preserve evidence. A forensic investigation can involve reconstructing the accident with multiple experts working to determine why the wheel and associated parts separated from the truck. Obtaining truck repair records is also necessary to determine if a lack of maintenance played a role in the accident.

Discovering who is at fault in accidents involving truck wheels

When a wheel and other parts come off a truck, negligence is usually involved. Usually, someone other than the truck driver is at fault. Determining who was at fault, whether the trucking company, people who performed maintenance on the semi or a combination of factors, can affect the compensation you receive from the incident.

Trucking companies carry bodily injury liability policies that can help pay for your injuries. Still, in some cases, those awards may not be enough or the insurance company may block payment. As a result, filing for additional compensation may be necessary for recovery and living expenses.