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The dangers of improperly loaded cargo in Ohio

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Sometimes it’s obvious why improperly loaded cargo in a semi-truck is such a hazard. Other times, the dangers are hidden beneath the surface. In all cases, poor loading technique is a hazard everyone in Ohio should be aware of.

Truck accidents are generally the most devastating

Any type of collision on the road presents a considerable risk to everyone involved. But the bigger the vehicle is and the greater the weight of its cargo, the more dangerous the situation becomes for everybody. Since truck drivers often travel on the freeway, they usually go at high speeds, making things even more hazardous for smaller vehicles.

If some of the cargo has been ejected, the cargo is likely to hit other drivers. But even if that doesn’t happen, the cargo still blocks the road which could cause an accident.

Due to the nature of most truck accidents, it’s common for them to start a chain reaction that ends with many vehicles involved in the wreck. This highlights the importance of drivers ensuring all cargo is loaded correctly before hitting the road.

Poor loading technique to avoid

There are many different ways that cargo might be loaded improperly. If it hasn’t been fully secured, there’s a good chance that it will move and shift throughout the transportation process. This can lead to unexpected shifts in the truck’s weight, and may even result in some of the cargo falling out of the vehicle.

If your load isn’t balanced correctly, there’s a chance that some parts of the truck will fail. In the case of overweight loading, the truck might not be able to perform well enough going up and down inclines. And with an unsecured load, the truck may handle in ways that the driver doesn’t expect.