Janki Patel

Janki Patel

Paralegal/Office Manager

Janki is a passionate paralegal dedicated to supporting Klein & Carney, Co., LLC in their pursuit of justice. As a first-generation child of immigrants, she has deep roots in Cleveland, where she developed a strong sense of community and responsibility. With a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science Criminal Justice and a Minor in Forensic Studies from The University of Akron, Janki possesses a solid foundation in legal principles and procedures. As a paralegal, Janki leverages her attention to detail and research skills to assist legal professionals effectively.

Outside of work, Janki enjoys exploring her creativity through hobbies such as interior design and photography. She also finds excitement in skydiving and dedicates her time to volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, embodying a spirit of adventure and compassion.

Janki’s commitment to excellence extends beyond her professional endeavors; she is deeply invested in ensuring client satisfaction and positively impacting the lives of others.