Posted by Kevin
May 19, 2017

An actual joy to work with

Chris and his team worked hard to keep me informed and up to date with every step of my case. He handled it better than I could have possibly expected and was genuinely nice guy as well. I am extremely satisfied with the results.

I feel you are safe in trusting him with whatever problems you are having. He is more than professional, extremely talented and dedicated.

If I ever need legal help again, Chris is who I am going to get.

Posted by Joe
March 1, 2017

Chris was very accommodating and made me very comfortable and confident throughout my case. He got my case settled fast with the outcome I was looking for. Great guy and definitely would recommend to anyone needing a lawyer that will fight for you!

Posted by Derrick
August 17, 2016

The Ideal Lawyer - True Professional!!!

Chris Carney is a true professional and I was truly impressed with his handling of my case. The same can be said for his partner Larry Klein as well. The level of attention and responsiveness to my concerns and overall well-being speaks highly of his character as well as commitment to "doing the right thing." Although my situation presented many challenges... both Chris & Larry did not waiver in proceeding with my case. It's not often you are provided clear and concise expectations along with consistent follow-up throughout a process – which Chris & Larry executed seamlessly. The Carney & Klein team are note-worthy professionals!!!

Posted by Wendi
July 26, 2016

Highly Recommended

Chris just recently settled a dog bite case for me; my dog and I were attacked by an unleashed pitt bull at a local park. He was very professional and held my hand through the process, explaining what to expect and answering all my questions. I'm extremely pleased with the settlement he negotiated with the dog owner's insurance company. I would highly recommend him as a personal injury lawyer !

Posted by Brenda
May 15, 2016

An Excellent Lawyer

I hired Mr. Carney in 2013, due to an injury that I sustained that caused me to have a total knee replacement. Mr. Carney went to work on my case keeping me informed of all the details concerning my case, and went so far as to come to my home for the initial consultation because I was not able to come to his office. Mr. Carney is a lawyer that truly cares about his client and seeking the justice you deserve. Mr. Carney listened to everything I had to say, took notes, walked me through the process of my case with ease, I never felt frustrated not knowing what was going on with my case, he is extremely efficient and informative in making sure his client is well informed of all details concerning your case, so I never felt left in the dark about anything, what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about my attorney is Mr. Carney DOES NOT cut corners so to speak. Mr. Carney investigates every avenue of your case and he TRULY has your best interest at heart. Mr. Carney truly is a man of integrity and he believes in justice for his client, he worked endless hours on my case, the office staff of Mr. Carney is very efficient in sending out information and court dates concerning your case, as well as courteous and professional. I would recommend Chris Carney to anyone that seeks justice in a personal injury case. Mr. Carney you truly are a ONE OF A KIND LAWYER. You are truly the best at what you do and I thank God I hired you. In opinion, MR.CHRIS CARNEY IS THE BEST, AN EXCEPTIONAL INDIVIDUAL, AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED IF YOU HIRE HIM. Thank you Chris Carney for everything that you did for me. From one very satisfied client, Respectfully, Brenda.

Posted by Daas
October 14, 2015

A great and honest attorney

Very conscientious and very honest. He did an excellent job for us. He was with us and filled us in on all of the details in every step of the way.

Posted by Kay
October 12, 2015

What I Needed

From the moment I met Chris I knew I was in good hands. He made what might have been an awful, time-consuming experience more comfortable and gave me peace of mind.

Posted by Sophie
October 7, 2015

More than was expected

Our son helped us find an attorney for our personal injury in an auto accident. Klein and Carney were recommended to him by an attorney friend. We contacted them. We had a totaled car and some personal injury. Chris Carney came personally to our home to meet us and got to know something about our case. We then signed a contract for legal services. I was the driver and my husband and boss were also in the car with me. Someone pulled out directly in front of me and I broadsided her SUV with the front of my vehicle which caused the airbags to deploy and rendered the car undriveable. It took a few extra months for our case to be heard because of my boss's case pending, but we went before a mediator. Chris Carney was very calm, although I felt a bit nervous about the outcome, for which he assured me that if we did not reach agreement we would go to court. Chris Carney knew what to do in mediation and when I let him know what I would want out of this (which was to have our car paid for and a little extra for our pain and suffering) he went right to work. He got us more than what we expected and we were very pleased.

Posted by Sarah
October 6, 2015

Great people

I always felt listed to, and heard. They are easy to talk to and professional! They really fought for what's right and go above and beyond. Highly recommended and highly appreciated! They are the best!