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What should you do if a customer suffers slip-and-fall injuries?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Injuries, Premises Liability |

If you own your own business in Ohio, you probably have a great sense of pride and accomplishment. However, those feelings can deflate when a customer suffers injuries after a slip-and-fall on your premises. If a fall incident has occurred, there are some steps you can take to rectify the situation.

Get medical attention

Slip-and-falls can lead to serious injuries, so the first thing to do if a customer has an accident is to get medical attention for them. Call 911 to summon ambulance and emergency medical personnel. While waiting, administer first aid if possible and keep the customer still if the injury appears serious.

Check the site of the accident

Once the customer is on the way to the emergency room, check the site of the slip-and-fall accident. Investigate whether there are any obvious signs that led to the fall such as damp floors, tattered carpeting, an uprooted nail or any other hazards. Take photos of the area as evidence if the customer decides to file a lawsuit. If you have any hazards, take immediate steps to correct them to prevent future accidents.

Find witnesses

Witnesses can help your case and give statements on the incident. Get their names and contact information if a lawsuit comes your way. You can record their statements and get more information later if necessary.

Create an incident report

Create an incident report that details the events. Your employees should have access to a document that allows them to explain what happened if a customer suffers a slip-and-fall or other accident on the premises. Include witness statements in the report.

Contact your insurer

Contact your insurance company to report the accident. You don’t have to elaborate; just give the basic facts so your insurer can contact the customer and investigate the situation.

Addressing slip-and-falls head-on is the best way to handle such a situation. Keeping your business safe for customers could prevent future incidents.