We Help Injured Pedestrians Understand Their Rights

You May Have A Personal Injury Case Even If Police Say You Were At Fault

A pedestrian accident can happen in an instant and can change your life forever. These accidents occur in all types of situations: while crossing a street within a crosswalk, while crossing a street outside of a crosswalk, while walking on a sidewalk across a driveway, or while walking in a parking lot. Many times, these accidents occur due to the neglect of an inattentive driver who is talking or texting on a cellphone, or who is otherwise distracted.

At Klein & Carney Co., L.P.A., we have represented pedestrians injured in every conceivable situation, and have been successful even in situations where the police have determined that the pedestrian was at fault for the accident.

We do this through creative and immediate investigation, which includes obtaining surveillance videos, retaining crash reconstruction experts, personal scene evaluations, and interviewing witnesses. In addition, in those cases where cellphone use is suspected as a cause of the driver's inattention, we will subpoena cellphone records to confirm such suspicions. In cases where the driver of the car that hit a pedestrian was drunk or intoxicated, we hire experts to determine the extent to which the intoxication affected the driver's ability to react and to safely operate a motor vehicle.

We Conduct Our Own Investigations

Larry Klein and Chris Carney are prepared to help you recover monetary damages for the following injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident:

We have helped many clients who have been injured as pedestrians, including people hit while crossing a street in a crosswalk, people hit while crossing a street outside of a crosswalk, and people hit while walking in parking lots or on private property. We have also helped people with a wide variety of injuries in pedestrian accidents, ranging from broken bones to wrongful death.

In cases of disputed liability, we will retain experts to determine the speed of the vehicle that hit you, and the distance from the scene of the impact at which the driver should have observed you. When necessary, we can reconstruct the accident in its entirety to prove that it was the neglect of the driver — not the pedestrian — that caused the accident.

Please refer to the pedestrian accident section of the case results page on this website for additional information on just a few of the pedestrian accident cases that we have handled.

Let Us Review The Facts Of Your Accident

Every pedestrian accident case is unique. For that reason, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your claim. Our accident representation spans all of the northeastern Ohio, including Cleveland and all of its suburbs. Contact Klein & Carney to discuss your injury claim. Our attorneys are available for a free telephone consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.