Hotel/Motel Accidents

When you travel and spend the night in a hotel or motel, whether on business or for pleasure, you have a reasonable expectation that the hotel management will provide you with a safe environment for your stay. Unfortunately, every year thousands of people are seriously injured during a brief stay at a hotel. These injuries take many forms, including:

  • slips on newly mopped floors or icy walkways
  • trips on uneven sidewalks or parking lot potholes
  • falls in bathtubs whose surfaces have not been properly maintained
  • food poisoning
  • assaults occasioned by improper lighting or inadequate security
  • elevator/escalator incidents
  • defective furniture
  • failure to provide handicap-accessible accommodations
  • swimming pool/exercise room accidents
  • bed-bug infestations

When a tragedy occurs, such as a broken ankle, leg or hip, a severe laceration, a concussion or traumatic brain injury, or a serious burn, the hotel generally denies that it was aware of any danger on the property in an effort to avoid responsibility. This is where it becomes important to retain an attorney with experience in handling hotel liability cases.

Most hotels are owned by large national or international chains who require that the hotels be continually inspected in order to locate and eradicate dangerous conditions. Unfortunately, although most such conditions are identified during these inspections, many of them are ignored. A seasoned attorney well-versed in hotel injury cases can locate any incriminating inspection reports in order to establish that the hotel was aware of the danger, yet failed to act to make it safe.

There are also many routine steps a hotel can take in order to avoid injury to a guest that are often overlooked. For instance, hotels have an obligation to inspect the slip resistant surfaces on bathtubs to make sure that they have not worn away over time or through the use of improper cleaning detergents. When a dangerously slippery surface is identified, hotels must make them safe by taking slip-resistance measures, many of which only cost a few dollars. Hotels also have an obligation to install grab bars in appropriate locations within the bathtub to assist guests in entering/exiting the tub, and giving them something to grab onto in the event a slip occurs.

In almost every case involving a fall in a bathtub that Klein & Carney has handled, we have been able to prove that the hotel failed to take these simple measures to keep the tub and/or its surface in a safe condition for hotel guests. This proof comes after a detailed inspection of the tub by nationally renowned experts in hotel safety, bathtub maintenance, architecture, and other related fields. Klein & Carney regularly works with these experts in order to obtain evidence of the hotel's negligence, and to assist our clients in maximizing compensation for their injuries.

If you have been hurt at a hotel, it is important that you immediately contact an attorney with experience in these claims who can have the conditions inspected by an expert before the hotel takes steps to eliminate the evidence. Call Klein & Carney any time, 24/7/365, to speak with an attorney who can help.