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If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, your life may never be the same. No matter how the injury occurred, the road to recovery can be a long, painful process and may result in permanent damage. A spinal cord injury can occur from a wide variety of circumstances, including:

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A spinal cord injury can result in limited movement. It is not uncommon to lose the use of limbs or suffer paralysis. This type of injury can also affect and cause other problems throughout the body, such as breathing difficulties, bowel obstructions, infections, bed sores, blood clots, and depression. Many of these complications will require lifelong care.

Structuring a Comprehensive Compensation Demand Package

Our attorneys use an extremely detailed approach to dealing with your claim. We understand that to calculate lifelong care, certain experts must be consulted and retained. We will employ life care planners who can properly estimate the cost of needed medical supplies such as hospital beds, orthopedic devices, catheters, wheelchairs and making your home handicap accessible if you have been paralyzed in an accident. A life care planner will also assist us in those cases where home health care is required.

We also consult with economists to determine past, present and future lost wages, to reduce damage forecasts to present value, and to perform other economic calculations. We will also investigate all parties who are liable, all available insurance coverage where compensation can be sought, and all applicable laws that apply to seeking maximum compensation. Using this information and the medical experts' evaluations of your medical records, we will draft a comprehensive demand package for compensation.

Our goal is to reach this amount through aggressive negotiations with the liable parties and all relevant insurers. However, if we are unable to reach a fair settlement, we are fully prepared to file a lawsuit and proceed to trial.

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At Klein & Carney, the client comes first.