Pharmacy Medical Clinics

The latest trend in providing medical care is through health centers located in big box stores and chain pharmacies. The number of these pharmacy medical clinics have grown to 1800 nationwide, and are expanding exponentially.

The centers are called Minute Clinic at CVS, RediClinic at Rite Aid stores, Healthcare Clinic at Walgreens, ExpressCare Clinic at Acme Fresh Markets and Walmart Walk In Health Clinic at Walmart. They will soon be at Target stores as well, and others are sure to follow.

The cost of treatment at these health centers is often drastically less than the cost at a traditional doctor’s office, urgent care or emergency room. The reason for that is obvious: these facilities are generally staffed by nurse practitioners or medical assistants and not medical doctors.

While these clinics serve a purpose in providing non-urgent care to the public, mistakes and misdiagnosis of medical conditions can occur just as they do in any other medical office or hospital.

Klein & Carney has successfully assisted victims of substandard care at these facilities for our clients. If you have been harmed by seeking medical care at one of these pharmacy clinics, we can help. We will investigate the quality of care you received, and aggressively pursue damage compensation for you injury if the care you received was inappropriate or ineffective.